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The Largest Manufacturer of Dietary
Supplements in ASIA

Rongcheng Baihe Biology Technological Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of dietary supplements in Asia, which is a joint venture established by its parent company, HongYangShen Ocean Biotechnology Industrial Co., ltd. and Guantong Company of Taiwan in 2005, specializing in contract manufacturing of dietary supplements, such as softgels, hard capsules, tablets and powder etc.

Baihe Company owns one factory which refines fish oil and manufactures DHA powder, four factories which process softgels, one factory that processes tablets, hard capsule, powder and one factory that produces cosmetic products, with 620 workers and staff members. The company has imported 17 large softgel production lines from Korea, owns 5
tablet and 5 hard capsule production lines with annual capacities of 6 billion softgels, 0.5 billion tablets, 0.5 billion hard capsules, 130 tons of DHA powder and 500 tons of fish collagen, which have been exported to over 70 countries or regions.

The company is the largest manufacturer of softgels and a Quality Demonstration Base of Polyunsaturated Fish Oil in China and has passed the certifications of GMP, ISO9001, BRC, HACCP, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, EU Aquatic Product Registration, Grade A of Food Hygiene, etc.

A brief introduction to Baihe Compny

The Company spent USD 1.6 million in setting up a standard laboratory with a floor area of more than 1200 square meters, owning more than 40 pieces (sets) of gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, microorganism and heavy metal testing equipments, etc. and over 20 doctors, masters and registered quality management staff members. The testing center has passed the CNAS certification.

Research & Development and Testing Center

A global leader in quality system

In order to meet market trends and the request of special consumers, the company established R & D department that specializes in research and development of new formulae, dosages, etc..

At present, the R & D department has 5 doctors, over 10 masters and has developed more than 1000 varieties of softgel formulae and cosmetic formulae which are fit for different regions and different groups of people, such as enteric coated softgel, DHA powder, double-color softgel, slow release softgel, facial & skin essence etc..

The R & D department also cooperates closely with domestic universities and institutes to develop new formulae, such as Beijing University of chemical Technology, Ocean University of China, the Yellow Sea Institute etc.



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