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BGPL-creating an excellent health for all on the
basis of integrity, honesty and fair-play.

RONGHENG BAIHE GROUP together with our  African MLM affiliate (BAIHE GLOBAL PRODUCTS LIMITED). have great pleasure in welcoming you into our fold. To us, your joining the group shall usher you into unending sound Health,
Wealth creation, new and improved lifestyle and total emancipation from servitude.

There are values and principles we have cherished from inception: Integrity, Fairplay, Commitment and Respect. These values shall continue to form the basic planks of our mutual partnership while dealing with all our numerous members regardless of creed, colour, gender, religion or race.

The Group, being the largest Natural Supplements Manufacturing Plant in Asia, has enjoyed the respect in the industry and this came as a result of our commitment to producing the best quality supplements that are in high demand around the globe including the Americas.

We will continue to pursue excellence in all aspect of our business to improve on human lives and development around the world. Once again, I congratulate you in choosing to make serious impact in your life.
Thank you.

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